Vintage Fashion Swimwear

It’s pool party season.  What’s in your swimwear bag?  If you’re a fan of vintage style, here’s one of my favorites.

Vintage Swimwear

Photo Courtesy: Unique Vintage

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Woah…This BINGO.

I have heard of it for a while now, seen the pictures, and heard the rumblings of hoots over “O69″…But this BINGO was OUTrageous. Once a month the Rodef Shalom Congregation in Oakland fills with people all to host a great night for charity filled with shouts of “BINGO” and cheers from the players when asked “Who wants some MONEY?” 11377145_10153459950263787_6022503966666340938_n Tickets sell out, sometimes a month in advance, and go for $18 for 6 boards for about 10 regular play games. There are three special games and one Twitter game where they secretly give out four numbers over Twitter. The special games are the big money. There is also 50/50 raffle and As seen on TV giveaways and door prizes. 11112216_10153459949948787_6104323761479481093_n But there is the charity and why this night is important and it was solidified when this BINGO virgin had to take an oath with her BINGO marker raised in the sky. It was only a game and the point was to raise money and have fun. There is a guest caller for a game also. This night it was Hugh McGough a judge in the Oakland area who marries a lot of same sex couples, one of which was there that night. 11046343_10153459950178787_702119950189251697_n There is also a Drag Queen and Drag King Show intermission with music, dancing, and fun. OUTrageous BINGO is taking a BINGO break over the summer and will resume again in September so keep your eye to the Facebook Page for the release of tickets. And a Super Spoiler Alert: There is a OUTrageous Bingo on Halloween this year and there is costumes and treats all night long from what I hear. This girl didn’t win but I had a blast and can’t wait for fall to join in again. So as they say at OUTrageous BINGO: Now Sit Down, Shut Up, and Play Bingo! Check out OUTrageous BINGO. Facebook and Twitter. amanda tag

A Nice Case of Cabin Fever

It’s the beginning of March.  More specifically, we’re getting ready to turn the clocks ahead for Daylight Standard Time.  So why do I have cabin fever?  It’s almost spring!  Shouldn’t I be getting out of the house?

Oh yeah…I live in Pittsburgh, where it seems winter may never end.  (Seriously.  We got another few inches of snow over the weekend, and had record-breaking LOW temperatures the other day.)

So what is there to do in Pittsburgh this time of year?  Actually, I found out there are a few different things to check out.  (And, they’re not that expensive.  Some of them are even FREE!)

Carnegie Museums:  The Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History are a couple of my favorite Pittsburgh things to do – no matter what time of year.  I’ve always been a fan of art.  I can get to the museum early, and meander from exhibit to exhibit.  Before I know it, hours have passed.  The same goes for the Museum of Natural History.  Sure, I love dinosaurs as much as the next guy, but my favorite exhibit is the minerals and gems exhibit.  (No, it’s not because I’m a girl and like sparkly things…)  I love looking at little bits of stunning and beautiful nature.  The exhibit shows pieces in their natural state (cleaned up a little for display, of course).

p.s.  The Museums are offering free admission on Thursday nights in March from 4-8 p.m. thanks to The Jack Buncher Foundation.  Of course, if you’re a student or active military, discounts apply on other days.

Andy Warhol Museum:  Again, I’m a fan of art.  Although Andy Warhol’s artistic style isn’t necessarily in my top 5 favorite styles, I do enjoy a visit or two each year to the Warhol Museum.  Whether I’m taking in the beauty and artistic style with my husband or with a group of friends, it is always refreshing to see the various exhibits.

p.s.  Again, thanks to The Jack Buncher Foundation, some days offer free admission.  (3/31; 4/1; and 4/4 from 10-5.)  Of course, if you’re a student or active military, discounts apply on other days.

Pittsburgh Arts & Crafts Festival:  The Pittsburgh Arts & Crafts Festival is aptly titled the “Spring Fever Festival.”  I am certainly a creative type.  I enjoy making and browsing crafts.  For those kindred spirits who enjoy crafting as much as I do, the exhibits at the Monroeville Convention Center offer everything from jewelry, to clothing, pet treats, purses, décor, and more.  If you’re a fan of foods, they also have an offering of mixes, treats (kettle corn and roasted nuts), baked goods, candies, and fudge.  Although the event has an admission charge, you and a friend can attend for the small fee of $11.00 for both ($5.50 individual admission).

Phipps Spring Flower Show:  So what if the flowers outside aren’t in bloom (because they’re presently buried under 6” of snow).  Phipps Conservatory has a beautiful exhibition of spring flowers.  If you’d like to check out their display of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, and more, the exhibit runs from March 14 through April 12.  Admission is $15.00.  Or, if you’re a member – it’s FREE.  (Trust me when I say I’m marking this one in my schedule.  I’m SOOOO over winter at this point, and it’ll be nice to not only see spring flowers, but maybe even be able to smell them.)

Just Ducky Tour:  This is one thing I’ve said I was going to do ever since I moved to Pittsburgh.  And, I think I’m going to make it a point that this year is the year I make it happen.  We’ve all seen the ducky boats cruising around town during the spring and summer months.  Well, the Just Ducky Tours kick off beginning April 1.  At a cost of $22.00 for adults ($15.00 for children, and $5.00 for infants).  Although April 1 seems so far away, the tours do tend to sell out during peak season, holidays and weekends, and can be sold out for 2-3 days in advance.

Even though it seems like we’re stuck in the snow, there is hope that spring is around the corner.  The key is to break out of that cabin fever rut.  And, you don’t need to book an expensive vacation to some tropical locale to have fun when there’s some pretty cool things right here in your back yard.

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Measure Twice

Measure Twice 750 x 1200 jpeg









By: Jen Pizzuto

Pittsburgh has a long tradition of being a breeding ground for emerging authors. The three rivers have inspired writers like Michael Chabon to allow their fantastic characters dwell in the Burgh and mingle with its denizens. J.J. Hensley is an author who has also been enchanted by our fair city, and has found woven stories that incorporate the beauty of the landscape with the intrigue of his own imagination.

Hensley’s new thriller, Measure Twice, offers a suspenseful drama that combines addiction with murder. The city itself is an integral character; its iconic topography is cleverly used as a backdrop for the police drama that slowly unfolds. Enmeshed in the story are references to all of our favorite places throughout the city. The reader is thrown into the front seat with main character Jack Channing, as the homicide detective unravels gruesome serial killings while battling an almost crippling alcohol addiction; conversely, the killer is indulging his own addiction to, and disconcerting penchant for, murder.

Hensley has a rough, straight up writing style that is devoid of nonsense and frills. The story is interestingly juxtaposed with AA’s twelve-step mantra, which gives the reader the feeling of simultaneously attending a support group meeting while struggling to find a psychotic killer. The reader embarks upon a crazy ride with Jack Channing as his past is slowly revealed and the depth of his addiction is understood. And there are, of course, a plethora of Burgh references alo

ng the way.

Measure Twice is Hensley’s second novel. His first thriller, Resolve, was named of the the best books of 2013 by Suspense magazine and was named a finalist for Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers organization.

Twitter: @JJHensleyauthor

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Free Pittsburgh Tours!

Cathedral of Learning


We love to get feedback from our readers and we heard you loud and clear when you said that tours around the city can be expensive and impractical if you are trying to keep within your travel budget. One of the great things about Pittsburgh is that we have countless resources to obtain knowledge. That being said, we have compiled a list of some free tours that our city has to offer!

Pittsburgh Arts Council – Free Art Tours including biking art tour

Walking Tour of Downtown provided by RMU

Pittsburgh History and Landmark Foundation – Self Guided Tours including Jail House Tour

 Cathedral of Learning Tours 

Know of any other tours around Pittsburgh? Tell us in the comments!