A Gameathon for Youth Art

If you ever thought that a 24 hour gaming marathon would be cool Chaci Play for Kids is the gameathon to attend.

Started five years ago as a charity to raise money for youth arts Chachi Plays is a local event that has a bunch of fun. For a $50 donation you get 30 minutes to play a game of your choice with Chachi.


Who is Chachi? Local Twitter Celeb and gamin enthusiast that has a podcast about gaming.


Chachi Play for Kids takes place August 7th and 8th from 7 PM to 7 PM. The entire gameathon is webcasted and has many people just show up to watch at all hours of the night. Held at Toonseum on Liberty Ave in Pittsburgh Chachi has raised a lot of money in the past five years. This years goal is $2400. Recently there has been a matching donor up to $500.


There are two tournaments that take place. The first is on the 7th at 8PM. During this first tournament you can get a slot for $25 to compete playing Tetris. The second tournament is on the 8th at 2PM. Same thing applies for $25 a slot and the game is Mario Kart. Winners get a trophy belt.

Check out Chachi Play for Kids for all the latest info and to sign up for your spot today.


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