Just a Quick Sip

One of the newest crazes in the city is rooftop bars. With the sun making it’s debut for what seems like the first time this summer I ventured out of the house down to Picklesburgh on the Rachel Carson Bridge. It was the perfect day to hang out around the city and see some new sites.

After we walked through Picklesburgh and saw Kings Ransom play we walked along the shore and then headed to dinner at Bill’s Bar and Burger. (We reviewed them in issue 13) While we were finishing our meal I looked down Strawberry Way and saw Hotel Monaco just a few blocks away. I had want to check out the rooftop bar since they opened and figured what a great place to grab a cool drink.


Since we just ate we weren’t interested in any food so we ordered just drinks. Everything works on a tab system so be prepared with a credit card or remember a number. I ordered the Die Traube Weinen which was their version of a Sangria.


Steve ordered the Truthahan Mule; a Moscow Mule made with Ginger Beer.

Part of the charm of the rooftop bar is the view. However I would have enjoyed it more if it was a few blocks over or closer to Point State Park. But it is still pretty and this was still a perfect day to sit outside and enjoy a beverage.


Another bonus was the adult size games. They had Jenga, Connect Four, and a skill game for not getting a ball stuck in the hole. The whole rooftop was filled with people laughing and talking. It was as if the entire heart of the city was on the roof of Hotel Monaco.

So next time you are spending sometime Downtown and need a quick drink and bite to eat give the Biergarten at Hotel Monaco a try.

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